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S113 BT

Portable Bluetooth Speaker with NFC Pairing

Availability: In stock

Regular Price: USD 49.99

Special Price: USD 14.99

Regular Price: USD 49.99

Special Price: USD 14.99

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Regular Price: USD 49.99

Special Price: USD 14.99

Stream Music Wirelessly - With One Touch Pairing
Enjoy the high quality wireless music of the S113 BT. Featuring one touch pairing capability with the latest NFC (Near Field Communication) and Bluetooth technologies, pairing the S113 BT with your device becomes quick and hassle-free. Simply tap your Smartphone on the speaker, and your phone is ready to stream your favourite tunes freely without any cords.
Bluetooth 4.0 with Low Energy Mode For An Extended Standby Time

Built with the latest Bluetooth technology 4.0, the S113 BT guarantees a more reliable wireless audio transmission for better sound quality and much longer standby time up to 700 hours.
Available Colors:
Black Blue Pink Lime Orange White
Lossless Streaming for Best-in-Class Sound Quality
Bring out the best in your music. A highend Bluetooth chipset of the latest generation allows lossless audio streaming of MP3 and AAC. So you never miss a detail and you can listen to your songs with a new spectrum of tonal possibilities - completely wireless.
Enjoy 8 Hours Non-Stop Music Thanks to a Large Rechargeable Battery
Whether you're on the beach, camping or barbequing, the S113 BT will liven up the party for 8 hours. Built with a large battery, the speaker can be easily recharged via USB cable. Bring the S113 BT along for all your parties and rock the music all night long! Never fear that you will leave your home without any battery; for any IOS device, your S113 BT battery level is displayed in the top status bar.
Omni-Directional Microphone for Crystal Clear Speakerphone Conversations
Feeling annoyed by the muffled sound from some poor quality microphones? With the Omni-directional microphone, not only is your voice clearly captured, you can also enjoy a seamless conversation without distortion.
Compact and Sleek Design with a Rubber Bumper for Better Grip
With 6 different bright colors, the S113 BT is a stylish and portable speaker designed to catch your attention from every angle. The rubber bumper not only protects the speaker from scratches but also helps the speaker to sit firmly on different surfaces for instant play.
Size & Weight

58 L x 46 W x 157 H mm
Net Weight:
290 g
Technical Specification
2 x 1.5" Full range Drivers + 2x 1.5" Bass Radiators
Frequency Response:
60 Hz - 16 kHz
4 Ω
Bluetooth Version:
V4.0 + EDR (Class 2)
Output Power (RMS):
2 x 3W
Microphone Sensitivity:
-44 ±3dB
Apple iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, HTC, Motorola, Nokia Lumia,
RIM Blackberry, Sony Xperia, LG, and phones with a 3.5 mm jack
Portable Media Players:
iPod, iPad, MP3 players, video and DVD players with a 3.5 mm jack
Laptops and Computers:
Laptops and computers with a 3.5 mm jack
Gaming Consoles:
Gaming consoles with a 3.5 mm jack
Packaging & Box Content
85 L x 62 W x 173 H mm

Shipping Information
Item Number:
Black: SPASO-S113BBK-GBA01
White: SPASO-S113BWH-GBA01
Orange: SPASO-S113BOR-GBA01
Black: 872767006577
White: 872767006584
Blue: 872767006591
Orange: 872767006614
Pink: 872767006607
Lime: 872767006621
Gross Weight:
385 g
59 Hardware
"59 Hardware Recommended: The performance exceeded our expectations!"
"The S113BT will follow you wherever you go and you can enjoy your music alone or with friends. Thanks to NFC and Bluetooth connections, you can enjoy your music almost instantly. The speaker comes with a little bag for transportation and thanks to its small size, you can take it anywhere!"
"The sound quality is surprisingly good and you will be amazed by the bass at this reasonable price. The built-in microphone is excellent as well as the actual 8-hour playback time."
"The portable speaker offers a unique design with a rubber surface which also helps protect it. It's power and sound quality are exceptional for a device of this class and dimension. Its connectivity and 8 hours battery life makes... [more]
"The product surprised me positively. The sound from such a small speaker hardly can get any better than this. There were fine bottom and definition and not the crazy muddy sound you are accustomed to those cheap speakers."
"This affordable high performance speaker wasn't only meant for music enthusiasts but business environments as well.It easily earns our PureOverclock Editor's Choice award."
Pure Overclock
The ARCTIC S113BT sound system has a very convincing quality, even better than you can expect by its compact desing. The sound quality is good the same for the connetivity. The Bluetooth and the connection to the smartohone work perfect.... [more]
Overall I am really impressed from the ARCTIC S113 BT especially when it comes to the price that has a very good value for price!
Little box with big sound! The S113BT was packed as many features as the competitors, but for only the third of the price.
ARCTIC has done a good job with the S113 BT. It has a robust silicone case and an integrated hands-free system. Fast and easy connection with one touch pairing (NFC). Great sound despite the small size!
HD Televizija
The sound quality, given the price, it is excellent; Arctic has chosen, in our view, the right combination of power and internal capacity, weight and battery life. Furthermore this compact sound system is portable which would certainly... [more]
Xtreme Hardware
"The sound is amazing, I was really shocked when I first started using it, incredibly clear with mid and high you are nearly able to hear every details. This thing can fill in the whole room with nice music."
"No matter what setting I tried, the sound would not get distorted at all.Coming onto time duration ,the 1200 mAh battery managed to squeeze out around almost 8 hours of juice on a full charge with the volume kept on 75%."
"As a speaker phone it worked very well. Audio on both sides of the conversation was better than some Bluetooth speakerphones I've tried in the past even when I was testing it in my basement where I usually only have 1-2 bars... [more]
The Gadgeteer
"To sum up, the S113BT is perfect if you are looking for a small and compact speaker for indoor and outdoor use with a good sound."

Elektronik Test
"The microphone is impressive, even from 0.5 meter, its still clearly audible.It is a great portable speaker, with the added bonus of being able to use it as a speaker phone. On standby the battery lasts a long time, so even if you... [more]
"The ARCTIC S113BT is a well-made and easy-to-use wireless speaker.For such a small device it offers plenty of power and good sound quality."
PC Foster
The Arctic S113BT has BIG volume! The quality of this huge sound is staggeringly impressive too. We couldn't quite believe the high class quality that was coming out of this little portable wireless Bluetooth speaker!
Slinky Studio
"The S113BT will follow you wherever you go and you can enjoy your music alone or with friends. Thanks to NFC and Bluetooth connections, you can enjoy your music almost instantly. The speaker comes with a little bag for transportation... [more]
59 Hardware
"The sound quality is top notch for a product of this size and the battery life is more than what's promised on the package."
"The sound is much better than expected from such a small box. The new 4.0 BT makes it all that much easier and particularly the NFC method. Near Field Communication is found on most smartphones and it literally makes for one touch... [more]
Digital Reviews Network
The ARCTIC S113BT is able to provide excellent performance similar to products of higher category. Considering the aspects of both performance and quality, we can safely say that the ARCTIC S113BT is one of the best products in this market... [more]
Inside Hardware
S113 BT is a very solid device which certainly makes it competitive in a sea of similar devices. ARCTIC bothered about the sound quality, workmanship and functionality. The S113 BT certainly deserves our recommendation.
PC Ekspert
This speaker was well designed and engineered, and the final product is a testament to this. The sound simply tickled my ears with the crisp highs and solid mid-range levels akin to the quality you would expect from speakers from Bose. This... [more]


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How can I use aptX codec with my S113 BT?

aptX is a technology that enables higher quality audio transmission over Bluetooth by compressing the audio files so it can be easily transmitted. You need to use both an aptX compatible source and an aptX compatible receiver to be able to enjoy the better sound quality given by aptX.

Several smartphones, tablets and notebooks embed aptX technology and new ones are constantly released. To verify your device compatibility, you can check your device user manual or a list of compatible devices on aptX website.

Speaker switches off after 5 minutes

The S113 BT switches off after 5 minutes if not connected to a Bluetooth device. The Line-In was integrated to connect a second source of music by a cable while a Bluetooth connection is established. This allows to stay connected to the primary phone while listening to a song from another source. If your device does not come with Bluetooth, the S111 M is the right choice for you.

Music Stutters?

I connected my iOS device and I have no music, what to do?

Please check that your device is set to stream the music to S113 BT. If there is no S113 BT in the list, you are not connected. In this case please follow the instructions of our manual Link.

Why my NFC enabled phone is not working with S113 BT?

NFC is a way of wireless communication that can be affected by what is in it s way. I f you are trying to tap your NFC phone with its case on and you can't get any connection, the case material might be the reason. Another common mistake is a mis-alignment of the Smartphone's NFC antenna with the S113 BT NFC antenna. On the S113 BT, the antenna is located on the top surface, right in the center. Consult your phone manual to know where the antenna on your phone is placed.

When I use the 3.5mm audio cable with the S113 BT the buttons do not work correctly?

With the S113 BT, once you plug in the audio cable, the "-" button becomes the volume up and the multifunction button becomes the volume down. These are the only functions of the S113 BT when the audio cable in plugged in.

Is my NFC enabled device compatible to the S113 BT?

Every NFC enabled device is compatible with the NFC Functionality of S113 BT. If you do not know whether your phone is NFC enabled, you can find it in your mobile phone manual or on the following Wikipedia page.

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