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Smart Charger 8000

Fast Charger for all USB-Devices

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USD 12.99
USD 12.99

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USD 12.99

Smart Charging = Fast Charging

ARCTIC's Smart Charging ICs intelligently identify your device to deliver its fastest possible charge. Thus the Smart Charger 8000 can fast charge any USB device, smartphones and tablets from Apple, Samsung, LG, ZTE, HTC, Asus, Lenovo, Acer, Amazon, Huawei, Blackberry, Motorola, Sony, Nokia and more on all five ports.

Efficient Charging with
8,000 mA Output

The Smart Charger 8000 charges all USB devices fast. With 8,000 mA it delivers enough output to fast charge 3 tablets and 2 smartphones - all at once. In order to keep the device cool, the service life high and your electricity bill at bay, it works with an efficiency of 83 - 86 %.

High Speed Charging

The ARCTIC smart charging technology identifies your devices - no matter if it's a smartphone, tablet or power bank no matter which brand - to deliver its fastest possible charge speed. That way, the high speed charging saves you hours of time.

Not just Smart, but also Safe

The Smart Charger 8000 comes with a series of sophisticated protection features. The rapid charger cannot draw too much power, overheat or harm your device in any way.

A Handy Charger

You have difficulties to reach your charger behind the sofa or below the TV cabinet? This is no longer the case with the Smart Charger 8000. Place it on your desk, nightstand or TV bench and create the perfect multiple charging hub for all your devices.

Size & Weight
EU Plug
US Plug
UK Plug
AU Plug
Charger Specification
AC 110-240 V 50/60 Hz 1 A
Output :
DC 5 V 8.0 A
EU Plug
US Plug
UK Plug
AU Plug
EU Plug - 116 (H) x 36 (W) x 150 (L) mm
US Plug - 116 (H) x 36 (W) x 150 (L) mm
UK Plug - 116 (H) x 47 (W) x 148 (L) mm
AU Plug - 116 (H) x 47 (W) x 148 (L) mm
Shipping Information
Item Number:
EU Plug - APWCH00010A
US Plug - APWCH00011A
UK Plug - APWCH00012A
AU Plug - APWCH00014A
EU Plug - 872767007918
US Plug - 872767007925
UK Plug - 872767007932
AU Plug - 872767008205
"Charge faster than your average charger"
It took about 1 hour and 20 minutes to charge my smartphone completly, usually it takes 2 to 3 hours with normal chargers
The ARCTIC Smart Charger 8000 is a device that can be a life saver for people that have multiple everyday charging needs. Being a smart charger, it provides the exact amount of current that is necessary and safe for your device, while its... [more]
We conducted tests with different devices and we have seen that the "fast loading" works perfectly. It is therefore a great device to take on vacation and charge all your gadgets at once.
The ARCTIC Smart Charger 8000 is an effective charger, which only has one job, and manages to complete it to perfection.
Komputer for alle
Plexus Hub
"The Smart Charger 8000 is definitely well worth the price tag"
The ARCTIC Smart Charger 8000 is eco-friendly with a reasonable price: the charger is an ideal partner for anybody that wants to charge mobile devices from a single plug, everything with a high efficiency.
The device works as it should without any small niggles you may find with other items. I am happy to say that the ARCTIC Smart Charger 8000 5-port is a piece of tech that I would personally use. In short, we would be happy to recommend this item!
The ARCTIC Smart Charger 8000 proved to be a safe product for charging multiple devices, in a recommended price range. Adding to this, this ARCITC product is built in a total of 7 protections in a single product, which is a must in this... [more]
Both, the ARCTIC Smart Charger 4800 and its big brother the ARCTIC Smart Charger 8000 offer excellent capabilities to load quickly and efficiently our common devices as smartphones, tablets etc. and also allow charging multiple devices... [more]
"Charge faster than your average charger"
This fantastic little device is an essential addition to any person/family that charges more than one device at night. Plugging directly into the wall, this provides a high-speed charge by internally identifying the device plugged into it... [more]
Forces of Geek
It is the high efficiency that made the Smart Charger 8000 worthy of the quality label. No matter what you connect. It really brings out the maximum and thanks to the many protective mechanism you're always on the safe side. That can... [more]
We tested the connection to the ARCTIC Smart Charger 8000 with two tablets and two smartphones, this is no problem. The charging works and the block has not heated during this time.
The simultaneous charging of devices of different brands is possible without any problems. The charging adapter is slip-resistant on a fixed platform. The safety of the equipment is fulfilled (short-circuit protection, heat protection, high... [more]
Custom PC
"Just what you need"
No signs of overheating while 5 devices were connected during the testing phase of the Smart Charger 8000. Also fully supported the fast charging for latest devices like Galaxy S5, S6 etc.
Guide informatica
The ARCTIC Smart Charger 8000 makes charging your devices a breeze, it's smart charging technology also helps speed up the time it takes for your device to charge. So whether you have a small amount of devices or a lot, the ARCTIC... [more]
Callum Youle
It looks good, works well and is a great deal for £19 too – just what you need to satisfy all those hungry black rectangles.
Custom PC
Anyone who needs a charger for multiple devices, will find the Smart Charger 8000 extremely useful.
"Brilliant quality and safety features"
The ARCTIC Smart Chargers are now our mainly charging stations, they are in our kitchen and we plug our tablets, smartphones, headsets etc.
We see a solution that allows use a small device in the desk to charge various devices that a modern digital home usually have. In the tests and use did not notice any negative, behaved well even in the most demanding devices to charge, is... [more]
A Minha Casa Ditigtal
The Smart Charger 8000 is a must have device. Thanks to the fast charging speed, compact size and attractive design, this charger fully convinced us!
The fast charging of the ARCTIC Smart Charger 8000 is real and the voltage is stabilized to make sure your devices doesn't overheat or short circuit. Paired with input and output surge protection, the price you pay is reasonable since... [more]
The ARCTIC Smart Charger 8000 is a great charger. I recommend it if you have several devices at home and you need to reload them all together. I recommend it also for another reason: being very small and compact you can take it with you and... [more]
I definitely recommend the Smart Charger 8000 from ARCTIC.
What Next
Affordable yet powerful, the ARCTIC Smart Charger 8000 5-port USB Smart Charger is built well and designed to offer protection for your portable devices.
The ARCTIC Smart Charger 8000 is a handy device that charges your gadgets whether you are travelling, at home or in the office. This handy device can charge any tablet, smartphone or other USB gadget. The Charger itself is lightweight and... [more]
Maxedoutpctv Media
The ARCTIC Smart Charger 8000 is a handy gadget for organising all of your charging in one place. It's a neat, nobtrusive design and coped well with all of the USB devices we tried on it.
The ARCTIC Smart Charger 8000 is a great product that can charge up to 5 devices in fast time.
The multi USB charger from Switzerland is a stylish and secure fast charger for everything in our mobile life with a USB port - for not less than five devices simultaneous. Thanks to the meter-long cable it can be placed on the most... [more]
It’s not cheap and it carries good components.
Reviews Insider
The ARCTIC Smart Charger 8000 is a very useful purchase, in these modern times, where a constant recharge of the devices is necessary, such an instrument in certain cases is even essential. Once you'll try it, you will be very satisfied.
Xtreme Hardware
It is as smart that I can now replace five chargers with one.
The Smart Charger 8000 can load no less than five USB devices at once: iPhone or Android smartphones, tablets, digital cameras or e-book reader. Thereby the charger supplies sufficient 8000 mA. The manufacturer promises an automatic... [more]
Computer Das Magazin für die Praxis
Affordable yet powerful, the ARCTIC Smart Charger 8000 is a great buy for those who need a multi-USB charging option.
Dragon Blogger
The special thing of this charger is that it can charge the connected devices at the fastest possible capacity. Another advantage is definitely the high output current, which allows you to power several devices with electricity simultaneously.
PC Foster
The Smart Charger 8000 charge your USB devices not only fast, it protected them also against overvoltage and overheating. Great product!
The Smart Charger 8000 is a better charger than any USB wall plug that comes with any mobile phone I have. This beast is designed to charge and to do it efficiently while remaining safe and stylish. Being able to charge up to 5 different... [more]
Plexus Hub
ARCTIC has created a product of high performance and to increase energy performance.
The Smart Charger 8000 is a dock of diminutive dimensions with an appealing design, only one Standard LED light that do not distract and nice touch.The Smart Charger 8000 is a dock of diminutive dimensions with an appealing design, only one... [more]
As you see, the ARCTIC Smart Charger 8000 recharges (Nexus 7, MLais Note and other gadgets) in under 4 hours. And all at the same time. It is relatively convenient. It simply load as quickly as possible.
The Smart Charger 8000 does exactly what it should: It charges mobile devices fast and provides enough power to charge up to five smartphones or tablets simultaneously. The achieved speeds in the test are above those from the original... [more]
"High Efficiency"
The Smart Charger 8000 from ARCTIC automatically determines when it is necessary to load fast and when not. After two weeks of testing, we think that the charger can reliably charge up to five devices simultaneously, without overheating.
PC Ekspert
The Arctic Smart Charger 8000 is ideal for quick charging up to 5 devices using only one AC socket. The build quality is very good just like every Arctic product. In conclusion, the Arctic Smart Charger 8000 is a device which helps to... [more]
ARCTIC Chargers distinguish themselves because of their high efficiency.


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Which Plug do I need in my country?


Different countries use different standard for the connection to the mains. Unfortunately for the travellers, there are quite few different standards in application and a charger that is usable in USA won't be of any use in Germany.

ARCTIC delivers power products with compatibility to one or more standards, we refer them as AU, EU, US and UK in reference to their design geographical origin.

AU Plug EU Plug UK Plug US Plug

With these 4 standards, ARCTIC power products can be used in almost all countries. Please look for your country in the list below to know which plug is the right one for you. You can as well prepare your next vacation by looking up the destination country in the below list.

Africa See details

Algeria EU
Angola EU
Benin EU
Botswana UK
Burkina Faso EU
Burundi EU
Cameroon EU
Cape Verde EU
Central African Republic EU
Chad EU
Comoros EU
Democratic Republic of Congo EU
Djibouti EU
Egypt EU
Gabon EU
Gambia UK
Equatorial Guinea EU
Eritrea EU
Ethiopia EU
Ghana UK
Guinea EU
Guinea Bissau EU
Ivory Coast EU
Kenya UK
Lebanon EU, UK
Lesotho TBC
Liberia US, EU
Libya EU
Madagascar EU
Malawi UK
Mali EU
Mauritania EU
Mauritius UK, EU
Morocco EU
Mozambique EU
Namibia TBC
Niger US, EU
Nigeria UK
Republic of Congo EU
Rwanda EU
Sao Tome e Principe EU
Senegal EU
Seychelles UK
Sierra Leone UK
Somalia EU
South Africa EU
Sudan EU
Tunisia EU
Swaziland TBC
Tanzania UK
Togo EU
Uganda UK
Western Sahara TBC
Zambia UK, EU
Zimbabwe UK

Asia See details

Afghanistan EU
Bangladesh EU, UK
Bhutan EU, UK
Brunei UK
Burma (Myanmar) EU, UK
Cambodia US, EU, UK
China US, EU
India EU
Indonesia EU, UK
Hong-Kong UK
Japan US
Kazakhstan EU
Kyrgystan EU
Iran EU
Laos EU
Macau UK
Malaysia EU, UK
Maldives UK, EU
Mongolia EU
Nepal EU
Jordan US, EU, UK
North Korea US, EU
Philippines US
Singapore UK, EU
South Korea EU
Sri Lanka UK
Taiwan US
Pakistan EU, UK
Tajikistan EU
Thailand US, EU
Turkmenistan EU
Uzbekistan EU
Vietnam US, EU
Syria EU
Turkey EU
Azerbijan EU
Bahrain UK
Iraq UK, EU
Israel EU
Kuwait UK, EU
Oman UK, EU
Qatar UK
Saudi Arabia US, UK
Yemen US, UK

Europe See details

Albania EU
Andorra EU
Armenia EU
Austria EU
Belarus EU
Belgium EU
Bosnia and Herzegovina EU
Bulgaria EU
Croatia EU
Cyprus UK
Czech Republic EU
Denmark EU
Estonia EU
Faroe Islands EU
Finland EU
France EU
Georgia EU
Germany EU
Gibraltar UK, EU
Greece EU
Guernesey UK
Hungary EU
Iceland EU
Ireland UK
Italy EU
Isle of Man UK
Jersey UK
Kosovo EU
Latvia EU
Liechtenstein EU
Lithuania EU
Luxembourg EU
Macedonia EU
Malta UK
Moldova EU
Monaco EU
Montenegro EU
Norway EU
Poland EU
Portugal EU
Romania EU
Russia EU
San Marino EU
Serbia EU
Slovakia EU
Slovenia EU
Spain EU
Sweden EU
Switzerland EU
Turkey EU
Ukraine EU
United Kingdom UK

North America See details

United States of America US
Canada US
Anguila US
Antigua and Barbuda US
Aruba US
Bahamas US
Barbados US
Belize US, UK
Bermuda US
Carribean Netherlands US, EU
Costa Rica US
Cuba US, EU
Dominica UK
Dominican Republic US
El Salvador US
Greenland EU
Grenada UK
Guadeloupe EU
Guatemala US
Haiti US
Honduras US
Jamaica US
Martinique EU
Mexico US
Nicaragua US
Puerto Rico US
Saint Barthelemy EU
Saint Kitts and Nevis US, UK
Saint Lucia UK
Saint Vincent and The Grenadines EU, UK
Trinidad and Tobago US

Oceania See details

Australia AU
East Timor EU, AU
Fiji AU
Kiribati AU
Marshall Islands TBC
Micronesia US
Nauru AU
New Zealand AU
Palau US
Papua New Guinea AU
Samoa AU
Solomon Islands AU, UK
Tonga AU
Tuvalu AU
Vanuatu UK, AU, EU

South America See details

Argentina EU
Bolivia US, EU
Brazil EU
Chile TBC
Colombia US
Ecuador US
French Guyana EU
Guyana US, UK
Paraguay EU
Peru US, EU
Suriname EU
Uruguay AU, EU
Venezuela US


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