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Thermal Pad

Thermal Compound for All Coolers

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USD 5.99
USD 5.99

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USD 5.99
Efficient Thermal Conductivity
The Thermal Pad based on silicone and a special filler outperforms generic and performance pads by far.

ARCTIC Thermal Pad
66.8 °C
Phobya Ultra
84.9 °C
JunPus Jp-P600
93.1 °C
Tested with Freezer 13, 5psi pressure, 1.0mm pad, 100 Watt, 23.0°C ambient temperature

Award Winning

In a review from German magazine PC Games Hardware (11/2018), the pads' excellent flexibility and reusability were praised. Thanks to the combination of great performance and the fair pricing, the thermal pad was recommended as a "value for money winner".

Filling the Gaps
Due to its low hardness and great compressibility, the thermal pad works as the perfect gap filler and bridges uneven surface and gaps without any problems.
Safe Handling
The Pad does not contain any metallic particles, is electrically isolating and not capacitive. The handling is safe as contact with any electrical traces would not result in damage of any sort.
Easy to Apply
ARCTIC's Thermal Pads are non-stick and can be easily removed and repositioned. Installation is child's play, making them perfect for beginners.
50x50 mm or 145x145 mm(based on model)
0.5 mm or 1.0 mm or 1.5 mm (based on model)
Thermal Conductivity
6.0 W/mK
25 Shore 00
Specific Gravity
3.2 g/cm³
Continuous Use Temperature
-40~200 ℃
Volume Resistivity
1 X 1012 Ω-cm
Breakdown Voltage
12 KV/mm
Tensile strength
2.5 Kgf/cm²
45 %
Dielectric constant
14.1816 ε at 60 Hz
13.0264 ε at 1K Hz
13.0264 ε at 1M Hz
UL Flammability
Size & Weight


Shipping Information

120 x 20 mm / 1 pcs
Item Number Thickness UPC EAN
ACTPD00009A 0.5 mm 84003340000-8 489521370211-9
ACTPD00010A 1 mm 84003340001-5 489521370212-6
ACTPD00011A 1.5 mm 84003340002-2 489521370213-3

120 x 20 mm / 2 pcs
Item Number Thickness UPC EAN
ACTPD00012A 0.5 mm 84003340003-9 489521370214-0
ACTPD00013A 1 mm 84003340004-6 489521370215-7
ACTPD00014A 1.5 mm 84003340005-3 489521370216-4

50 mm x 50 mm / 1 pcs
Item Number Thickness UPC EAN
ACTPD00001A 0.5 mm 87276700763-5 489521370046-7
ACTPD00002A 1 mm 87276700764-2 489521370058-0
ACTPD00003A 1.5 mm 87276700765-9 489521370057-3

145 mm x 145 mm / 1 pcs
Item Number Thickness UPC EAN
ACTPD00004A 0.5 mm 87276700766-6 489521370059-7
ACTPD00005A 1 mm 87276700767-3 489521370060-3
ACTPD00006A 1.5 mm 87276700768-0 489521370061-0

290 mm x 290 mm / 1 pcs
Item Number Thickness UPC EAN
ACTPD00017A 0.5 mm 84003340019-0 489521370230-0
ACTPD00018A 1 mm 84003340020-6 489521370231-7
ACTPD00018A 1.5 mm 84003340021-3 489521370232-4


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