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USB Power Cable

Power Supply for ARCTIC Breeze PRO, Hub 2.0 and NC

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USD 9.99
End of Life
Power Up your Device
Multi-Purpose Charging
This USB Power Cable gives a boost of power to the USB ports of your Breeze PRO, Hub 2.0 or NC so that you can charge additional USB devices whenever you need.
You may use the USB cable anywhere by simply plugging it to a USB port from your laptop, a wall outlet with a USB charger (e.g. Charger PRO 4) or even inside the car with a car charger (e.g. Dual USB Car Charger).
Plug Type
USB A 2.0
Portable devices which support DC 5V connector
(plug diameter: 3.5 mm outside, 1.35 mm inside)
Length & Weight

2 m
Net Weight:
70 g
Shipping Information
Item Number:
Gross Weight:
150 g

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