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USD 109.99
USD 109.99
3D Monitor Placement
The Z2-3D monitor arm provides you a completely new sense of work at your screens. On top of the standard rotation, swivel and tilt, Z2-3D allows you to move your monitors in any direction.

Work Efficiently

Increase your efficiency with the Z2-3D dual monitor arm: It is often helpful to work with multiple screens at the same time to keep important applications parallel in view. The Z2-3D extends your view and thereby simplifies not only your work, but it also allows you to work more efficiently.

Adjustment without Removing the Monitor

With the Z2-3D mounting head, tighten or loosen the swivel per your need in just a few seconds. No need to take the monitor down.

Standard Monitor Arm
Gas Lift Arm
Thanks to the gas-lift technology, your monitors can be easily and smoothly rotated, swiveled or tilted in any direction.
Ergonomic Seating Position
Pay attention to your health, also in the office. So the Z2-3D improves your ergonomic seating position through ideal alignment according to your individual eye level.

Tidy Desk

Because of the cable management the interfering clutter is a thing of the past. The compact foot of Z2-3D let you win a lot of space on your desk.

Powered USB 3.0 Hub

With the USB 3.0 ports in the foot of the Z2-3D you can easily connect up to four USB devices at the same time. You can easy use the ports for your mouse, USB stick or keyboard and even for charging your smartphone because of the powered hub.


+/- 45°
VESA Standard:
75 / 100
Maximum Monitor Weight:
8 kg (17.6 lbs) per mount
LCD size:
13" - 27"

*The capacity of the monitor arm also depends on the quality of table. Honeycomb-structured or Sandwich-structured tables with hollow pockets may not be suitable for monitor arms. Examples of NOT recommended tables, using a paper honey comb filling: IKEA MALM Desk, IKEA TORNLIDEN, IKEA ODDVALD, IKEA LINNMON, IKEA LALLE, IKEA TORNLIDEN, and IKEA ADILS Desk

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Packaging & Box Content

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Item Number:
EU: 87276700840-3
PC Gameshardware
This model not only offers two gas lift arms but also a hub with four USB 3.0 ports. Therefore, ARCTIC gives the best price to quality ratio.
The Arctic Z2-3D Monitor Arm is a great accessory if you use two monitors at once. It allows you to adjust the position of the two monitors to your liking and needs and thanks to the small base it spares a lot of space on your desk.... [more]
PC Revue SK
Overall, the ARCTIC Z2 3-D is fantastic – a massive improvement over the previous model and at not much more of a cost. At under £100 I normally wouldn’t bat an eyelid at it, but for the features, quality of build and... [more]
The Z2-3D proves itself to be a thought-out solution to save space on the desk and to allow flexible arrangement of the displays. The assembly and the everyday use are very easy, the displays are securely held in place, the adjustment works... [more]
Hardware Luxx
Hat Rat


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