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Z3 Pro (Gen 1)

Desk Mount Triple Monitor Arm with 4-Ports USB 3.0 Hub

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USD 179.99
USD 179.99

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USD 179.99
"ARCTIC has surprised us again and in this case with the triple monitor stand Z3 Pro. Great space management, different mounting systems and a system for great cable management. "
"By putting the monitors on the monitor arms you improve your posture and can work better and more efficiently."
"A buying recommendation could be given almost unreservedly. Those who have a look at the products offered in the price comparisons will soon discover that the Z3 Pro is one of the most versatile, best equipped and simultaneous cheapest products."
Versatile Installation - Free Space on Your Desk

Adjustment without Removing the Monitor

With the Z3 Pro mounting head, tighten or loosen the swivel per your need in just a few seconds. No need to take the monitor down.

Z3 Pro
Standard Monitor Arm

Powered USB 3.0 Hub

This hub does not just add convenience, but allows running 4 power-hungry devices (total 2.9A).

Cable Management
With Cable Management
Without Cable Management

Complete Flexibility
With the 3-way articulating arm, you can adjust your monitor according to your preference in an easy and convenient way. A flexible monitor
setup is ideal to show something to your colleagues or fold away the monitor.
Creating Space
Showing something to a colleague
Prolonged Comfort
Prolonged working hours may put you at health risks. The Z3 Pro brings your monitor into the ideal position, independent of your desk
height and allows an optimal posture.
A must have for every gamer
Enjoy a new dimension of gaming! No longer watch the game play from outside but fully immerse into it and experience your game from inside.

+/- 15 °
360 °
VESA Standard:
75 / 100
Maximum Monitor Weight:
10 kg (22 lbs) per each arm
LCD size:
13" - 30"

*The capacity of the monitor arm also depends on the quality of table. Honeycomb-structured or Sandwich-structured tables with hollow pockets may not be suitable for monitor arms. Examples of NOT recommended tables, using a paper honey comb filling: IKEA MALM Desk, IKEA TORNLIDEN, IKEA ODDVALD, IKEA LINNMON, IKEA LALLE, IKEA TORNLIDEN, and IKEA ADILS Desk

Size & Weight

Packaging & Box Content

Shipping Information
Item Number:
EU: 87276700740-6
US: 87276700741-3
UK: 87276700742-0
"Excellent material and processing"
The sturdy metal arm of the ARCTIC Z1 Pro allows that we choose with ease an arbitrary position for our screen and these can even rotate 360°.
"An enticing product for the gaming crowd"
The ARCTIC Z2 Pro left us with very good impressions. ARCTIC gives the consumer a very good and easy to use product at a very attractive price. The quality of construction in all the individual parts of the stand is very good even with both... [more]
The ARCTIC Z2 Pro is an excellent product, the materials are of high quality and installation is quick and easy. Does the job perfectly and the price is fair for the quality offered.
The Z3 Pro monitor arm from ARCTIC is made of high quality and robust material. The installation works quick and easy. By put the monitors on the monitor arms you improve your posture and can work better and more efficiently. We are very... [more]
PC Ekspert
I am impressed by the completely adjustable monitor stand. It helps my neck out from hurting so much looking down, saves my eyes a bit because it allows me to have my monitor further way then also allows me to have 4 more USB 3.0 ports so... [more]
Dragon Blogger
By install the Z3 Pro monitor arms from ARCTIC you not only win space at your table, you also improve your sitting posture. The mounting works fast and easy and the joints provide you the necessary flexibility while working. There are also... [more]
Vidi Magazine
The ARCTIC Z3 Pro convince with its very solid construction and a good solution to prevent annoying cables. Also, the price is very good. For this reason, we have rewarded him with the Excellent Choice Award.
Hardware Info
Bright Side of News
"An elegant solution for every worklplace"
The Arctic Z3 Pro triple monitor stand is extremely well built and exudes the term “heavy duty.” The clamp method of installation is easy to perform and proved to be very sturdy once it was loaded up with monitors. The powered... [more]
ARCTIC has surprised us again and in this case with the triple monitor stand - Z3 Pro. Great space management, different mounting systems and a system for great cable management.
Game IT
Integration of a USB 3.0 Hub with 4 ports at the foot of the Z2 Pro. Give another function to the simple foot holder is very clever! The installation is both, simple and secure. The bundle is complete and excellent finish.
The ARCTIC Z2 Pro stands bright in its category, providing your desk with style, solidity and quality features for your dual monitor setup. For every personal and professional workspace that needs easy management and fine tuning, the Z2 is... [more]
Chimera Revo
I love the ARCTIC Z3 Pro. It is very practical with USB Ports. The monitor arm is very strong and very good.
Family Geek
The ARCTIC Z2 Pro is solid and modular, fantastic for any desks!
I use the Z3 Pro for some time now and I give 4.5 out of 5 stars. This studio atmosphere the Z3 Pro gives me is amazing. I had to make only minor adjustments … it perfectly matched. Initially I had doubts whether the Z3 Pro is... [more]
PENTA Sports
The ARCTIC Z2 Pro is sturdy and has great possibilities for adjustment. If you use more than one screen Z2 Pro is a great kit for you desk.
Komputer for alle
The monitor arms of the Z Pro series are both price-breakers and use-based. The Z1 Pro and Z2 Pro we tested left a very good impression. Two minor points of criticism are the not quite perfect cable management and the a little too short... [more]
The Z2 Pro monitor arms provide not only enough flexibility, they ensure also the optimal sitting position. And thanks to the new cable management the cable clutter a thing of the past now.
PC World.hu
Dragon Blogger
"An impressive monitor arm"
Good Price and very comfortable, make your desk much cleaner than before.
For MobileS
Der ARCTIC Z2 Pro ist traumhaft gut gemacht sowie robust und für weniger als £ 60 ist er sehr ebenfalls sehr sinnvoll. Der Z2 Pro ist einer der robustesten Monitorarme den wir gesehen haben und bietet ausgezeichnete... [more]
The ideal companion for all who spend long hours on the PC and require a certain positions of the monitor and high flexibility. The materials are excellent and provide high stability for any type of monitor.
Xtreme Hardware
The Z2 Pro Monitor ARCTIC is highly recommended. The construction is highquality, robust and offers you extra space on your desk. You can install the monitors in many different positions, so it is both practical and comfortable.
Pro Line
Easy installation and even the possibility of fixing in two ways, and that I find interesting already out.
The Z2 Pro from ARCTIC is a very robust mount monitor arms system. It can accommodate up to two 27” monitors and has also four powered USB 3.0 hubs.
Black White TV
The Z2 Pro is a high-end monitor desk stand with a good build quality. The monitors are easy to adjust and the USB 3.0 hub is convenient and a nice addition.
Home users which install their setup once and then adjust it from time to time get with the Z3 Pro one of the currently most versatile and best equipped solutions for three monitors not least considering the comparatively low purchase... [more]
Tom's Hardware.de
I am impressed with how uncluttered it made my workspace look. The ARCTIC Z2 Pro also looks and feels solidly built and once I had positioned my monitors they did not budge an inch,
Dave Plays
The Z3 Pro is a great monitor arm for 3 monitors, the quality looks very high and that it is also because it is made of steel. It looks very good.
Hardware Info
Those who have tried a multi-monitor setup will come back to it, and the reason is simple: it is comfortable. Compatibility is given almost unlimited. The installation is very simple.
Tom's Hardware IT
With the monitor arms Z2 Pro from ARCTIC you create space on your desk. A robust and stable construction to fix your monitors. With the included accessories, the installation works quickly and easily and the 3.0 USB hubs complete make the... [more]
The Z1 Pro does a satisfactory job of holding your monitor and freeing up desk space. Thereby. it gives your workspace a chic and cool look.
Bright Side of News


We recommend Neo Reader, available at    OS
Manual on your mobile
Align and scan!


How to ensure the monitor stays and does not tilt forward naturally?

Tighten the screws on the ball joint alternatively to desirable tightness.

Important note: weight capacity of the mounting table

The maximum capacity of the monitor arm is not necessarily equal to the maximum capacity of the mounting table. Please ensure the monitor arm is mounted on a solid table. Honeycomb-structured or Sandwich-structured tables which are low in weight are not suitable for monitor arms.

My monitors are not at the same level, what can I do?

You can adjust your monitor up and down with the adjustable head on the center monitor.

Note: If your Z3 Pro is not equipped with an adjustable head on the center monitor, please contact us by email at cs@support.arctic.ac to get the Z Pro Adjustment Bracket free of charge.

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  • Z+ Pro
    USD 39.99
    Z+ Pro
    Extra Display Above the Monitors
    Cable Management
    Compatible with Z1 Pro (Gen 1), Z2 Pro (Gen 1) and Z3 Pro (Gen1)

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